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Australian Made Custom Flight Cases For Your Equipment


Aerolyte has been designing and manufacturing custom made flight cases and hard transit equipment packaging for 46 years and in this business, it's our experience that gives you


What you need

When you need it



Your most effective insurance against damage to your capital equipment.


Industry leading 7 Year warranty on all Aerolyte cases


Express Service Available

Custom Cases



Built to order to suit any type of equipment or application you can think of. No matter your requirement, Aerolyte Custom Cases can be designed and manufactured to not only keep your gear safe, but so that it is also easy to access and easy to use, saving you time in the field.

Pelican Cases



People who demand absolute, impenetrable durability trust Pelican to safeguard their valuables. Pelican cases have floated down the Zambezi River in Africa, been dropped out of helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan and tumbled down Manaslu in Nepal.

Custom Foam



It's what's on the inside that counts!
Custom foam inserts and fit-outs are ultimately what protects your gear from shock and vibration. Total protection means using the right grade of foam for the application.




Aerolyte is Australia's original road case company. Using premium materials and hardware, Aerolyte cases offer a finish quality that is second to none.

HPRC Cases



HPRC cases are used worldwide by professionals to protect and carry every kind of gear and equipment. HPRC cases provide total protection to the equipment inside them against dust, water, impacts and corrosion.




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