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Custom Cases

What can Aerolyte do for me?


  • Design & build to suit specific transport requirements; road, rail, air or sea.

  • Manufacture virtually any size and include virtually any feature/s you can think of.

  • Tailor a solution that allows your equipment to be used in situ, saving you time in the field.

Why buy an Aerolyte Case?


  • ​All Aerolyte Custom Cases are built to order, by hand, right here in Melbourne, Australia. Not some of them, not part of them, 100% of all of them!

  • All panel materials, extrusions and hardware are sourced from Penn, the global leader in Flight Case hardware.

  • Aerolyte offer a finish quality and internal foam and fit-out standard that is absolutely second to none. We literally pack everything as if it were our own.

Ultra Compact Custom Console Case
Architectural Model PolyCases
Heavy Duty Touring Drawers Case
Shaped Custom Cello Case
Hardwood Veneer 19" Rack Case
ARRI M18 Light PolyCase - Closed
ARRI M18 Light PolyCase - Open
Welded Red Weapon Camera Case
Custom Heavy Duty Follow Spot Case
N-Case Extruded Display Case
Heavy Duty Medical Equipment Case
Welded Aluminium Lens Cases
Museum Fossil PolyCase
Heavy Duty Touring Case
Monitor PolyCase with Removable Sun Hood
Custom Heavy Duty 48 Way Dimmer Rack

Aerolyte's range of Custom Cases can be split up into 4 general categories.

  1. PolyCases Ideal for air travel, especially as checked baggage, when loaded case weights must not exceed 32kg's.

  2. Heavy Duty Touring Cases Primarily for road and rail transport, offering superior durability for larger and/or heavier equipment.

  3. Extruded Aluminium Cases Ideal for small or narrow equipment, suitable to be carried by hand, or transported by road or air.

  4. Welded Aluminium Cases Offer a light weight and stylish finish, while still being suitable for heavy and constant field use.

What's the difference between an Aerolyte Custom Case and a ready made import? They look the same!

Aerolyte Custom Cases - Heavy Duty Touring, Road, Flight & Transit Cases - Chain Motor Case

Aerolyte Custom Cases:

  • Premium Panel Materials

  • Premium Zinc Plated Hardware


  • Premium Rivets and plenty of them


  • Industry Leading 7 Year Warranty

Ready made imports:


  • Exterior panel laminates that look the same as a quality laminate, but are actually backed by thin, low grade plywood, or even MDF.

  • Poorly designed and manufactured "no name" hardware. Finished in nice smooth shiny chrome that looks great when new, but chips and flakes off, resulting in rusty corners, handles, etc.


  • Inferior quality rivets and fasteners and, very often, nowhere near enough. Rivets are important, they're the only thing that holds a case together!


  • A 12 month warranty, if you're lucky. Ready made imports frequently represent false economy, even at a fraction of the cost.

Typical Aerolyte Custom Case Construction:

Light weight polypropylene panels. We've been using these for more than 15 years now and have witnessed their superior performance first hand. Despite weighing half as much as an equivalent plastic or aluminium clad timber panel, they offer superior impact resistance and should be expected to outperform ANY of the other panel materials that are widely used in our industry.

Extruded 30mm Aluminium Double Angle to all vertical and horizontal edges. We use a maximum rivet spacing of 150mm to ensure your case will stay together and remain operational, even in the event of significant damage.

Extruded Aluminum Dust / Weather sealing between lid and base. Though our custom cases are not rated to be waterproof, they are certainly water resistant and we have received many a story of our cases being exposed to severe weather conditions, without issue.

Steel Corners and Corner Braces. We use zinc plated steel corners and corner braces to provide additional strength and reinforcement and to protect the areas that endure the most abuse through transit and day to day use.


Recessed Handles & Latches. By recessing critical hardware components, they are protected from damage in instances where surface mount hardware would otherwise be prone to transit damage.

Custom foam lining and fit-outs to suit your equipment and your needs. Whether you need an intricate foam cut-out, load bearing partitions, a fold out work space, drawers, power inlets - absolutely anything. If you can imagine it, we can incorporate it into your custom transit case.

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