Welded Aluminium Cases

Minimum 7 Year Warranty on all Welded Aluminium Cases

Construction Specifications:

  • 2mm Rigidised Aluminium Sheet

  • Dust / Weather Sealing Extruded Section Between Lid & Base

  • TIG Welded Construction

  • Metal Corner Pieces

  • Choice of Recessed Catches & Handles

  • Plastic Stacking Corners

  • Partitions & Internal Foam Lining as Required

  • Light Weight

  • High Strength

  • Quality Materials

  • Premium Build & Finish Quality

Our Welded Aluminium Cases are fabricated from 2mm rigidised aluminium sheet and offer a clean, stylish finish. All of our Welded Aluminium Cases are professionally TIG welded in-house. Like our PolyCases, our Welded Aluminium Cases also offer a weight saving of approximately 30%, as compared to traditional construction methods, depending upon fittings used, eg; corners, catches, handles, wheels, etc.



Welded Aluminium Cases are pretty much a staple product in the film and television equipment rental industry. They're ideal for air travel, either as a means to keep total package weights under 32 kg's or as a way to help reduce excess baggage costs for larger and heavier equipment. This case will pay for itself!

Welded Aluminium Cases are suitable for users in the areas of: Mobile maintenance, computer, scientific, agricultural and medical equipment, portable technical electronics, and in general, for any bulky or fragile equipment that requires protection during transport from place to place.

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