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Welded Aluminium Cases

Minimum 7 Year Warranty on all Welded Aluminium Cases

Construction Specifications:

  • 2mm Rigidised Aluminium Sheet

  • Dust / Weather Sealing Extruded Section Between Lid & Base

  • TIG Welded Construction

  • Metal Corner Pieces

  • Choice of Recessed Catches & Handles

  • Plastic Stacking Corners

  • Partitions & Internal Foam Lining as Required

  • Light Weight

  • High Strength

  • Quality Materials

  • Premium Build & Finish Quality

Our Welded Aluminium Cases are fabricated from 2mm rigidised aluminium sheet and offer a clean, stylish finish. All of our Welded Aluminium Cases are professionally TIG welded in-house. Like our PolyCases, our Welded Aluminium Cases also offer a weight saving of approximately 30%, as compared to traditional construction methods, depending upon fittings used, eg; corners, catches, handles, wheels, etc.



Welded Aluminium Cases are pretty much a staple product in the film and television equipment rental industry. They're ideal for air travel, either as a means to keep total package weights under 32 kg's or as a way to help reduce excess baggage costs for larger and heavier equipment. This case will pay for itself!

Welded Aluminium Cases are suitable for users in the areas of: Mobile maintenance, computer, scientific, agricultural and medical equipment, portable technical electronics, and in general, for any bulky or fragile equipment that requires protection during transport from place to place.

Welded Aluminium C700 Camera Case
Rigidised Aluminium Camera Case
Welded Aluminium Lens Cases - Edit_clipped_rev_1 copy
Welded Aluminium Camera Case
Red Weapon Welded Case - Edit
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