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Custom Foam

It's what's on the inside that counts!

Custom foam inserts and fit-outs are ultimately what protects your gear from shock and vibration. Total protection means using the right grade of foam for the application and employing a design that provides sufficient static loading to adequately reduce the g-forces your equipment is exposed to when your case is dropped off the back of a truck, thrown down a conveyor by a baggage handler, or just accidentally rolls off a stage or loading dock.

29-400 PU & Etha-220 Camera Case Fit-out with Removable Accessory Inserts
DSC00136_clipped_rev_1 copy
29-400 PU Foam Insert to suit Pelican 1555 Air
Plastazote Camera Case Fit-Out
29-400 PU Projector Insert to suit Pelican 1730
29-400 PU, Etha-220 & Plastazote Camera Case Fit-Out
29-400 PU Camera Insert to suit Pelican-Storm iM2750
29-400 PU Foam Insert to suit Drone in Vehicle Drawer
29-400 PU Rifle Case Insert
Etha-220 Lens Case Insert

Aerolyte stocks and uses 3 main grades of foam:


  • 29-400 Polyurethane - a flexible open cell foam with exceptional cushioning properties and a relatively fast recovery rate. This means that if your case suffers more than one impact, like it falls off a truck and bounces when it hits the ground, your equipment is safe beyond just the first impact.

  • Etha-220 (Polyethylene) - a non-cross linked closed cell foam that excels in mitigating shock and vibration in cases containing particularly heavy items. Although it is a medium-density foam, it is also quite hard and therefore durable.

  • Plastazote (LD-29) - often referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of foam. It's a closed cell cross-linked foam that is "blown" with nitrogen during the manufacturing process and therefore does not off-gas and is completely inert, making it safe to use to house virtually anything. It will not stain, contains no corrosive residues and is UV stable.

Specialty foams or other types, grades or densities can also be supplied as required. MOQ's apply.

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