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Extruded Aluminium Cases

Minimum 7 Year Warranty on Extruded Aluminium Cases *

Construction Specifications:

  • Lid / Base Maker Depths ranging from 45mm to 125mm

  • Integral Dust / Weather Sealing Section Between Lid & Base

  • Choice of Surface Mount or Recessed Catches & Handles

  • Metal Dome, Flat, Plastic or Integral Corners

  • Partitions & Internal Foam Lining as Required

  • Light Weight

  • High Strength

  • Quality Materials

  • Premium Build & Finish Quality

Extruded Aluminium Cases are constructed using a single piece of aluminium for each the base and lid profiles. Plastic, timber laminate or a variety of other panels can be used for the top and bottom panels. These cases are ideal for small or narrow items and make great display cases.


General local freight and field use, suitable for airline travel as baggage and courier style freight. Common uses in: Photography, Audio Visual, Computer, Film, Television, Surveying Industries, Telecommunications, Police Departments, etc and generally for transport of small to medium portable equipment.

* Not including cases manufactured using N-Case profiles

Extruded Console Case
Extruded Console Case - Opne
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